Regional Critical Mass

Contribution Towards Regional Critical Mass

UMCSAWM extends one fulltime Master’s degree scholarship to each SAARC country.  However, if the applicants from a certain country does not fulfill the stipulated standards of the University Grants Commission, Sri Lanka then the next acceptable applicant is awarded opportunity irrespective of the SAARC country.

The SAF sponsored scholarships awarded by UMCSAWM has been positively contributing towards the enhancement of the critical mass of the South Asian region.

The UMCSAWM contributions for the region other than that for Sri Lanka are shown below.  According to the statistics Bhutan has been the most benefited country while there is a need to look at greater contributions towards Maldives and Bangladesh.

The statistics show a greater participation by regional nations indicating the impact from the efforts of the sustainable water resources programs conducted by the UMCSAWM.

  • Numbers from Each Category

Water Practitioners from South Asia Region (other than Sri Lanka)
Afghanistan Bhutan India Nepal Pakistan Bangladesh
First Three Intakes 1 6 1 2 2 0
Including Fourth Intake 3 8 2 3 3 1