Intake 1

Best avenue for a young engineer like me to grow professionally ….

Although it is a just one year stay at UMCSAWM, Sri Lanka, my experience here was found to be exceptionally valuable and rewarding. I found that the course program is excellent and challenging.

The course program has been prepared based on the current needs and challenges we are facing while trying to keep its pace with the ever changing water problems across the world.

One of the new aspect we are currently learning is “Problem Based Learning”(PBL) approach. These PBL projects have helped us gaining both subject knowhow as well as practical knowledge in the field of water resource engineering.

Eng. Sonam Tobgay (01st Intake)

SAF Scholar (Bhutan)

Engineering Manager, Bhutan Hydropower Services Limited, Bhutan


Worldwide recognized Master’s engineering program ….

The UMCSAWM Center is really an ideal place for studying Water Resources Engineering and Management due its unique program structure and delivery method.

The centre has provided a good study environment and the program is carefully designed to address complicated subject matters in a convincible way.

The delivery method, well designed with lectures, PBL bsed on real examples, field visits, continuous assignments and research could maintain student enthusiasm throughout the program.

I am pretty happy about being a scholar of a worldwide recognized Master’s engineering program.

Eng. Welhenage Keerthirathne (01st Intake)

SAF Scholar (Sri Lanka)

Chief Engineer (Design), Sri Lanka Land Reclamation & Development Corporation, Sri Lanka


Best avenue for a young engineer like me to grow professionally ….

Clean and safe drinking water is scarce. In the developing world, challenges due to water shortages are surmounting and this program is like “A stitch in time, saves nine”.

The program offers a complete package for young professionals to become resourceful and efficient water managers. The course not only encompasses a wide range of areas in water sector but has also merged theoretical learning and practical activities go hand in hand.

UMCSAWM is the best avenue for a young engineer like me to grow professionally in the field of Water Resources Engineering and Management and Sri Lanka is an ideal place for conducting this course due to the very reason that as its history dates back to 6th Century BC on Hydraulic Civilization and ancient irrigation works..

Eng. Gautam Thapa (01st Intake)

SAF Scholar (Bhutan)

Assistant Executive Engineer, Mangdechho Hydroelectric Project Authority, Bhutan


Unique experience with high enthusiasm….

Within the first semester itself, we experienced a unique environment of study at UMCSAWM. All staffs were very supportive and I was exposed to different yet very productive study methods in this programme.

Problem Based Learning (PBL) has given a unique experience while rendering us an opportunity to explore for literature and for fact finding and developing solution approaches for the problems experienced in real world situations.

This programme has succeeded in maintaining high enthusiasm throughout the period of one year course duration. Time management is practiced to the best as a learning outcome.

Despite its one year course duration, the program covered all dimensions of the study, including IWRM, GIS, etc., which are valuable for current work condition.

Eng. Hemanta Chemjong (01st Intake)

SAF Scholar (Nepal)

District Irrigation Engineer, Helvetas Swiis Inter Cooperation, Nepal


Transformed us into skillful professionals ….

UMCSAWM is well recognized for the awareness enhancement on Water Management principles. The program is very challenging to complete within one year of period.

The centre follows a systematic approach for further enhancement of the program which definitely targets success. The planning and delivering of the course with one year period is one of the main objectives and the topics covered in each module is also strongly related to one another and focuses on sustainable approaches.

The knowledgebase shared and lecture notes distributed under each subject are extremely useful and helped transforming the young engineering graduates like us entering the arena of water resources management into skillful professionals.

Eng. Munaver Jaman (01st Intake)

SAF Scholar (India)

Research Assistant, UAE University, Al Ain – UAE