Research in Progress



2013 The effect of Rainfall and guideline recommendations for Water Management of Irrigation Reservoir-A Case Study of the Senanayaka Samudra reservoir Catchment
2015 Calibration and Verification of A-Two Parameter Monthly Water Balance Model and its Application Potential for Evaluation of Water Resources-A Case Study of Kalu and Mahaweli Rivers of Sri Lanka
2015 Effect of Model Layout on the Performance of Strom Water Management Model (SWMM) for Water Resources Management in the Kalu River Basins Sri Lanka
2016 Applicability of Two Parameter Water Balance Model to Simulate Daily Rainfall in Sri Lanka Watersheds-A Case Study at Kalu ganga and Gin ganga basins,Sri Lanka
2016 Verification Of Seasonal Yield Limitations in Irrigation guideline by Observed data in the Kalu River and Attanagalu Oya Basins,Sri Lanka
2015 Evaluation of the Changes in the Climatic Parameters Affecting Water Resources in the Kelani River basins,Sri Lanka
2016 Climate Warming and Spatio-Temporal Changes of Water Resources in Kalu River Basins,Sri Lanka
2016 Application of Wireless Sensor Networks:Use of raltime Soil Mosture Date to Maximise Irrigation Effreiency,Sri Lanka
2016 The effect of watershed scale and antecedent moisture condition on HEC-HMS calibrated parameters in the Maha oya basin Sri Lanka
2016 Analysis of the effect of catchment scale, slope and runoff coefficient on the development of HEC-HMS model for Kelani River Basin
2016 Suitability of ABCD water balance model for assessment of water resources in Kelani basin and Kirindi basin in Sri Lanka
2016 Climate extremes and precipitation trends in Kelani river basin, Sri Lanka and impact on seasonal streamflow under climate change