Research Completed



2014 Rainfall Event Analysis for Drainage Infrastructure Design in Greater Colombo Watershed
2014 Identification of Water Management Concerns in Irrigation – Study of Water issue Practice at Rajangana Reservoir Sri Lanka
2014 Event Based Modelling of Streamflow for Reliable Flood Mitigation and Drainage Infrastructure Designs Using Snyder’s Synthetic Unit Hydrograph method A case Study of karasnagala Watershed in the Attanagalu Oya of Sri Lanka
2014 Evalution of runoff Estimation Using SCS Method for infrastructure Design – A Case Study of attanagalu Oya Basin – Karasnagala, Sri Lanka
2016 Development of a Rainfall Runoff Model for Kalu Ganga Basin of Sri Lanka Using HEC-HMS Model
2013 Rainwater harvesting practices in Sri Lanka and an investigation on cost effective design considerations for wet and dry zones