Data handling, Computation and Presentation

UMCSAWM is equipped with technology for water resources management data processing and modelling. The center has latest computers and laptops for the student use and also for experimental use. The entire center is networked with the rest of the university and 24-hour internet services; library access is provided. The center has facilities for teleconferencing, smart monitors for presentations, Overhead projectors and other equipment facilitating data handling and recording are installed in the main lecture rooms. The state of the art meteorological and water level, water quality data collection station within the premises has added significant strength to the knowledge enhancement facilities at UMCSAWM.

Facilitated with Network and 24 hour WIFI
Dedicated Computational Areas
State of the Art Computers and Laptops
Smart Monitors, TV and Teleconferencing Facility
Easy and Effective Presentation Equipment
State of the Art Lecture Room and Laptops
State of the Data Collection Equipment and Station

Facilitated with Network and 24 hour WIFI