Section 3 – Supervised research project relevant to the course

[20 credits]

Module Code CE6801 Module Title Research Project
Credits 20.0 Pre-requisites None


Learning Outcomes On the satisfactory completion of this module, students will be able to;

·Explain specific issues related to the chosen research topic based on how concepts have been built up through cross referencing of related research material, demonstrate the state of the art practice related to the research

·Develop solutions through research for problems and shortcomings in Water Resources Engineering and Management related applications, evaluation of alternatives for detailed comparative analysis.

·Demonstrate knowledge on the methods of generating results, adequacy of base data for acceptability of research results, result validation methods and indicators, selection of objective functions,

·Produce a Thesis to a stipulated format, include technical details, present and discuss results of the research, assumptions, and arrive at quantitative and specific conclusions

·Produce scientific publication on outcome of the research.

Outline Syllabus Outline Syllabus

·Problem Identification, Contribution from a Research, National, Regional, Local, Order of magnitude solutions, Research methodologies, significance of literature survey, search methodologies, formulating research ideas, referencing research, Demonstration of systems approach for sustainability.

·Reading and reviewing research articles, formalized methods of conducting a research, develop methodology flow chart developing and implementing algorithms.

·Methodology selection and implementation of research plan, Selection of Data, Spatial and Temporal Resolution, Data checking methods and checking.

·Selection of analysis methods, tools, models, appropriateness, generation of results, importance Validity of Results.

·Interpretation of results, important points to discuss, drawing appropriate conclusions that are based on the work performed.

·Writing research reports, preparing a paper for publication based on research outputs and highlighting of outcomes.