• For M.Sc. degree: 40 credits from course modules and 20 credits from                                                                             CE 6801 Research Project (Total 60 credits)

For PG Diploma:       40 credits from course modules (Total 40 credits)

  • Total of 28 and 12 credits are required from Compulsory Modules and Elective Modules, respectively. The supervised Research Project relevant to the M.Sc. degree course consists of 20 credits.
  • Therefore, 40 credits (incl. 6 embedded credits for projects) are allocated for courses and 20 credits for the research project.
  • Elective modules will be conducted depending on availability of staff and selection of a subject by at least five students.
  • Subject allocation may vary depending on the availability of lecturers and the course commencement date.
  • Each course credit corresponds to 1 hour of lectures or 2 hours of assignment/discussion classes or 3 hours of field/laboratory classes per week.
  • All modules constitute of an individual Problem Based Learning (PBL) project component, as a part of the continuous assessment scheme, with a minimum of 8 direct contact hours per credit out of which 1 hour is for seminar presentation.
  • Each subject will have field work/field visits/ and/or industry exposure visits.
  • Seminars and Presentations – partly with PBL and the others with the final research.