Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for Planning and Management – Third Intake

1.      Identification of Safe Groundwater Area in Nine DS Divisions of Kilinochchi, Mullaitivu and Mannar Districts, Sri Lanka, R. Suveenthan

2.      Identification of Water Scarcity Areas in Kayts, Velanai and Karainagar DS Divisions, A. Kajeevan

3.      Priority Classification to Repair Tanks in Polonnaruwa District, N.M.A. Senadhinatha

4.      Application of Arc GIS to Identify Flood and Landslide Disaster Risk Sensitivity Areas for Disaster Management; A Case Study for Selected Areas in Matara District, H.D. Abeysiriwardana

5.      Human Elephant Conflict Zone Buffering due to Water Availability, K.D.C.R. Dissanayaka

6.      Identification of Critical Areas due to Surface Water Pollution at Selected Area in Gampaha District, P.K.M. Dissanayake

7.      GIS Application to Select a Most Suitable Area to Erect a New Water Tower in Matara District, W.D.A.L. Dewapriya

8.      Suitable Areas to Establish Relief Camps for Evacuated People during Flood Situations, T.K.A. Kodippili

9.      New Water Supply Scheme Prioritization in Batticaloa District, Y. Dilrooban

10.  Analysis of Drought Prone Areas Related to Human Crisis in South Eastern Region of Sri Lanka using ArcGIS, H.R.D. Premarathne

11.  Finding Suitable Dwelling Locations for Farmers in Eastern Province, S. Kirupacaran

12.  Prioritizing the Drainage Improvement Zones Using Geographic Information Systems in the Selected Area of Colombo District, K.K. Panditharatne

13.  Selecting a Location for Dumping Site for Desilting Material of Polgolla Reservoir Using GIS, J.W.R. Lakmali

14.  Finding Safe Places for Evacuated People during Flood Risk, A. Yoganandam

15.  Flood, Tsunami, Coastal Erosion Disaster Risk Zones Considering Selected Area in Southern Province, S.T. Siriwardana

16.  Prioritising Irrigation Schemes in Dry Zone which are Fed by Mahaweli Diversion Water using Geographic Information Systems, S.D. Galappaththi

17.  Identification of Flood Risk Areas for Four DSDs of Ratnapura District using GIS, P.S. Thakuri

18.  Case Study: Identification of Sensitive Area of Groundwater Pollution to do Borehole Test to Dug Wells under Three DSD Divisions in Sri Lanka, U. Wangchuk

19.  To Prioritize the Area Technically Feasible and Economically Viable for New Drinking Water Supply Scheme in Gampaha District, Sri Lanka, A.M. Ud Din

20.  Identification of Waste Treatment Plant Areas, K. Wangmo

21.  Identification of the Most Critical Groundwater Contamination in Colombo District, M. Kamran