Advanced Irrigation Water Management for Food and Water Security — Third Intake

1.     Productivity Enhancement through Changing the Cropping Intensity of Tittagonewa Medium Irrigation System, R. Suveenthan

2.     Adequacy of Water in the Bandara Ulpotha Tank to Increase the Command Area for OFC Cultivation, N. M. A. Senadhinatha

3.     Identification the most suitable combination of staggering of cultivation and cropping pattern to solve water shortage issues in Wagollakada Reservoir Scheme. , K. D. C. R. Dissanayaka

4.     Augmentation Proposals of Muhatankulam Tank in Vavuniya district, P. K. M. Dissanayake

5.     Evaluate the Productivity Enhancement Options in Tammennawa Wewa Irrigation Scheme, W, D. A. L. Dewapriya

6.     Increasing of Effective Storage by De-Silting with Selecting Better Area in Tank Bed and Consider the Other Possible Alternative to Increase the Cropping Intensity of Parangiyawadiya Irrigation System  , T. K. A. Kodippili

7.     Enhancement of Irrigable Area of Wahagahapuwewa by Improving Canal Efficiency, J. M. C. G. Jayasinghe

8.     Checking the Improvement of Seasonal Performance of Land and Water Productivity in Dahanka Tank – Anuradhapura, H. R. D Premarathne

9.     Water Management Options for Maximum Crop Productivity on Mamminiyawa Tank, Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka, K. K. Panditharatne

10.                       Possibility of Increasing the Land and Water Productivity of Labunoruwa Tank, Anuradapura Sri Lanka, J. W. R. Lakmali

11.                       Increasing the Capacity by Deepening the Tank Bed for Increasing the Command Area of Kalpewewa in Anuradhapura District, Sri Lanka, A. Yoganandam

12.                       Computation of the Diversion Requirements to Increase the Cropping Intensity of Kidawarankulama Medium Irrigation Scheme, Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka, S. T. Siriwardana