Problem Based Projects – Postgraduate

Urban flooding problem requires an integrated effort

Students learn to solve practical problems by undertaking a Problem Based Learning Project which is commonly known as the PBL Project. This project in the postgraduate degree program level moves deeper from the traditional group PBL approach to a more challenging individual PBL project category. This requires a student to identify a problem, work on his or her own but under guidance and then to apply scientific principles to arrive at solutions that satisfy a variety of stakeholder aspirations connected with the sharing of a limited resource. This is very challenging to each student. Though the students would be able to observe how the others solve their problems, they need to learn how to solve one on his or her own. Students are required to demonstrate their transformation with a structured final report and success at a viva voce.

UMCSAWM with its experienced academic staff extends committed support for necessary interactions, provides close supervision, and carries out carefully structured individual evaluations. Once a student identifies a few problem options, associated academic staff members carefully guide the students to find appropriately sized projects that could be executed within the expected time durations.

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