Welcome to UMCSAWM

The University of Moratuwa, South Asia Foundation and UNESCO representatives at the Inauguration of UNESCO Madanjeet Singh Center Building

First Meeting with South Asia Foundation after the Construction of UMCSAWM Building

SAF Sri Lanka representatives inspecting the UMCSAWM Building

Master’s Degree Program commenced with indoor computational and outdoor experimental facility construction

Prof Ananda Jayawardena, Vice Chancellor addressing the Students of the First Intake for the Master’s Degree Program

Dr. Lalith Rajapakse, Course Coordinator addressing the Students of the First Intake for the Master’s Degree Program

Foreign and Local Students of the First Intake at the Inauguration


UNESCO Madanjeet Singh Centre for South Asia Water Management (UMCSAWM) of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Moratuwa supported by the South Asia Foundation (SAF) has the prime objective of promoting regional cooperation through South Asian Water Management Education.

Department of Civil Engineering, in collaboration with UMCSAWM offers postgraduate courses in Sustainable Water Resources Engineering and Management, while offering fully paid Madanjeet Singh Scholarships to students from member countries of the South Asia Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC).  These scholarships are funded by the South Asia Foundation (SAF).

UMCSAWM is a landmark in the Sri Lankan university history as the first regional centre established to conduct full-time postgraduate degree programmes.  This is also in line with the government’s national policy and development framework.  Ministry of Higher Education and University Grants Commission are presently paying special attention towards internationalization of Sri Lankan Universities.

In October 2010, UMCSAWM project was commissioned by the MoU between the South Asia Foundation (SAF) and University of Moratuwa.  In order to keep in line with its commitment to be the regional center of excellence in sustainable water resources management, work for the development of the postgraduate degree program, computer facilities for mathematical modelling and construction of the experimental facilities were commenced.

Approval of the University Grants Commission (UGC) to conduct the Postgraduate Degree program in water resources management was received in June 2012.

Madanjeet Singh Building was inaugurated in 2013 and the first intake of 19 students commenced their studies in August 2013.



The Sustainable Water Resources Management Project of UNESCO Madanjeet Singh Centre (UMCSAWM) celebrates its 4th year in April 2017.

The proud achievements up-to-date includes,


  • A center well equipped with lecture theaters and computer laboratories
  • A proven well designed postgraduate program & research
  • Completing program for three intakes and the fourth starting in May 2017
  • Numerous master degree research and problem based learning projects
  • A full meteorological data collection station connected to the national grid and constructed at its compound
  • A field experimentation facility for hydraulic, irrigation and urban water research which is scheduled to be completed in the third quarter of 2017


The strength in the UMCSAWM ESD_WI (Education for Sustainable Development of Water Infrastructure) program is its ability to incorporate a systems approach, providing solutions to water resources problems while integrating stakeholder concerns, incorporating development requirements, evaluating management issues due to the inherent cross border interaction that arise because of non-coinciding water and administrative boundaries.  The education program which nurtures competent water practitioners who systematically gain professional competence, demonstrate the water management through quantifications.  Problem based learning that is woven around experimental, consultative and analytical educational approach is the backbone of the ESD WI program.

The sustainable water resources education program of the UMCSAWM housed in the fully equipped new center which utilizes in-house, industry and international resource persons to deliver a high quality teaching and research supervision, has already empowered and transformed a mixture of international and local postgraduate students.  The ambition of the UMCSAWM is to raise the standards of national and regional engineering higher education to unprecedented heights.