Computational Laboratories


GIS & Mathematical Modelling Laboratory

UMCSAWM has extensive research activities in the arenas of Hydrologic and Hydraulic Modeling, System Dynamics based Management and Operational approaches and Designs of modern, high precision, real- and near real time measurement and prediction systems design, GIS based spatial analyses, Global/regional climate change scenario analyses, etc., with the use of high-end computing systems.   Both fulltime and part-time students and industry participants joining short-term courses/ workshops organized by UMCSAWM use such large-scale systems to simulate natural and man-made systems, leading to enhanced understanding and solutions to problems ranging from, for instance, local flood issues to global/regional climate change scenario modeling, targeting sustainable, integrated water resources management options.  Students are also exposed to the use of state of the art analysis and design software packages such as WaterCAD, CulvertMaster, MIKE11/21, HecRAS, SWMM5, Extend Sim for Modelling, Civil 3D, and ArcGIS, etc.