Experimental Laboratories

  The Hydraulic Engineering Laboratory attached to the Department of Civil Engineering is available for conducting experimental research and teaching. The laboratory is equipped with an Open Channel flow Tilting Flume 8 m long, 0.30 m wide and 0.40 m deep, Circular Orifice Apparatus, Pelton Wheel Turbine, Centrifugal Water Pump, , Pump/Turbine Apparatus, Flow Measuring Apparatus, Pipe Friction Apparatus, Hydrostatic Pressure Apparatus, Pontoon Apparatus, Forced Vortex Apparatus, Infiltrometer, Hydraulic Ram Pumps, Groundwater Flow Analysis equipment, Fluid Properties and Hydrostatic Bench, and other state of the art apparatus for demonstrative studies.

Further, a number of apparatus are available for specialized topics such as hydraulic transients in conduit flow, surge tanks, precipitation and overland flow, flow through porous media, a scaled irrigation model, etc.

In addition, instrumentation is available for field studies (velocity measurements in streams, ultrasound flow measurement for conduits, dye concentration measurements, pumping tests).